mHotspot 7.8

Creates a hotspot using the current Internet connection
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mhotspot, Inc.

Share your current Internet connection with the people or devices in your vicinity via WiFi. Protect your hotspot with a password and see every device that's connected to your network.

mHotspot is intended to let you share an Internet connection via WiFi. Just by providing a few data about your computer, you can use this program to create a basic hotspot with support of up to 10 clients. Thus, it allows you to enter a name for the connection and protect it with a password. Likewise, it lets you pick one of the available network interfaces as Internet source.

The application has a very easy-to-use interface. It can be set to start along with the system and then remain hidden as a small icon in the System Tray, from where its main interface can be accessed at any time. It provides you with important information about your hotspot traffic, such as the number of connected clients, the amount of data it has sent and received, as well as the upload and download speeds. Unfortunately, it does not allow you to block undesired IPs.

Frankly, mHotspot is not an indispensable tool to set a hotspot. Actually, you can do it by creating an ad-hoc connection and sharing your Internet connection. However, it does facilitate this procedure, which would otherwise require various steps at Windows Network and Sharing Center.

Juan Perez
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  • It is very easy to use
  • It really facilitates the procedure of sharing an Internet connection


  • Actually, you can do the same things by creating an ad-hoc connection and sharing your Internet connection
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